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Journal of Society and Development (ISSN 2798-2270) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of scientific research. Special attention is paid to works related to social and development using an interdisciplinary perspective, especially sociology, anthropology, linguistic, economics, political science, and humanity. This journal is published two times a year, in march and December to develop human civilization in a better direction.
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The review process in this journal uses double-blind peer-review, which means that the identity of the reviewer and the author is kept secret from the reviewer, and vice versa.

Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024)

Published: Jul 4, 2024

Al-Qur'an dan Isu Kontemporer Islam, Terorisme, dan Radikalisme

23-36 asya fauzul nahilda
Read Statistic: 2

Al-Qur'an dan Isu Kontemporer Islam, Cadar, Jilbab, A

1-16 Agung Wijaya, Ahmad Affandi Khaerul Fatihin, Ahmad Subhan Subhan, Asep Abdul Muhyi
Read Statistic: 20

a An In-depth Critique of Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism in the Ethical Context of Human Philosophy

17-30 Ayi Rahman
Read Statistic: 10
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